SIX 24 is a company built and branded by founder, Ty Young. 

Ty is super creative and always had her eye on fashion, beauty, and hair. From as early as she can remember, Ty has always enjoyed trying different hairstyles and exploring different nail designs. As a little girl, she would always try different hairstyles and would be known to change her hairstyle every day. When she was in high school she self-taught herself to apply acrylic nails and would also design them in funky creative styles. She would always get compliments on her creative hairstyle visions and fun nail art. 

As Ty move on in life she slowly got away from her desire to become a cosmetologist and pursued other business ventures. However, when she received a prophetic word in January 2021 reminding her of her gift, Ty moved with fervor to get back to her roots in the hair and beauty industry. 

Ty is using SIX 24 to not only minister to the outer beauty of women, but also to the inner beauty of women. SIX 24 will cater to the totality of the woman, starting with hair. 

Be on the lookout for additions to the SIX 24 line, with custom wigs, custom press-on nail designs, and so much more.