professional life coaching tools

to aid your change!

Some of us are self-help masters! All we need is guided prompts, some motivating philosophies, and we're able to work our way through most problems in life. 

Then there are some of us who want to try out some of the other products SIX 24 has to offer before we dive right into a professional life coaching program.

No matter you're position or situation, I GOT YOU! 

These life coaching books were designed by a professional life coach, Ty Young, published author and professional motivator and inspirator for years! 

We currently have the Over It Journal available. And we'll have more life coaching tools available in mid-September 2020!

not quite ready for life coaching?

no worries, i got you!

Time to finally get over that ex, girl!

Time to give notice to that rejection spirit, girl!

Time to let go of those trust issues, girl!

Really ready to let go? do it with the over it journal!

Over It: A Black Girl's Burn Book - Lessons Learned

Over It: A Black Girl's Burn Book - Lessons Learned


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Grown-Up Conversations with Coach Ty

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Busy and Not Broke

Breaking the Cycle of Being Overworked & Underpaid!

Journal + Strategic Planner

Paperback & E-Book


In Love: Me. Myself. & I

A journal of the discovering of self-love and self-care.

Paperback & E-book


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