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Hi, Y'all!!!


Listen, I would have paid anything to have someone guide and educate me on what I needed to do so that I would not have had to struggle for the first 4 years of business.


Countless hours of research on how to self-publish my first book. I wasted money on "programs" or "hacks" full of info that I either already knew, or info that didn't really tell me anything at all.


During my earlier years of entrepreneurship and authorship, I not only wanted to be inspired but I simply needed to be told what to do. I merely wanted direction and knew that once I received it, I would be well capable of taking it from there.


I'm Ty Young! I became a certified coach in October 2019 through the leadership and mentorship of 365 Consulting Group, LLC, led by the phenomenal, Dr. Karen S. Ratliff.


While I gained my professional credentials in 2019, I have been pseudo-coaching since about 2015 when I started my other businesses as a professional self-publishing consultant and graphic designer.


Ever since I was a little girl, I've always seen myself as a Black professional businesswoman and creative. I have always been a person that never waited on anyone to hand me anything, I would go out and get it on my own.  When I published my first novel and started my own business, I simply followed the purpose that God had placed in me. The purpose was to be an example to those around me that you can follow and be successful with your dreams.


To some, pursuing my purpose seemed effortless. I would often get asked where I got my self-awareness and confidence from to believe I could do what I was doing. Also, people would ask me to show them how to get their businesses started and how to finish their manuscript projects so that they could move on to the publishing phase.


Then one day it dawned on me that I had been successfully coaching authors, entrepreneurs, and leaders and decided it was time for me to look deeper into becoming a certified coach.


I do not take the credit alone; however, I know that my partner in this is God! He has blessed me with tremendous purpose and it's my duty to execute it. I also believe that he gave me a very biblical birthday, June 24 (SIX 24 – You get it now?).


In the Bible, in the book of Genesis, it talks about how God created the earth in six days, and on the seventh day he rested. As authors, entrepreneurs, and leaders we are often creating. Our Creator is a creator, so why wouldn't he bless some of us with a little bit more creativity to bless the world in literature, business, and leadership. But even with all that creating we must make sure that we rest!


So, the philosophy of SIX 24 is: SIX – 24 hour days dedicated to purpose – and the 7th day we rest! As an entrepreneur I believe in taking a day for self-care. My self-care day is Sunday, but your day of rest and self-care can be any "7th Day" you choose. Then once you are rejuvenated it's time to get back to purpose!


I'm glad you've come on this journey and allowed me to be the advocate for your purpose.

My calling is set in stone! I know my purpose and it is definitely one of servant ministry to those that want to move forward in their professional lives. I like to call myself a Minister and educator of Inspiration and Hope toward your purpose! 

That is actually what you can expect from me when we start the process of executing your vision - rather you're an author, entrepreneur, or leader. 

Many of times we want more, but we feel like our feet are stuck in cement and we're unable to move. In those times, that's when you need an ADVOCATE! 

I'm your advocate. The wait is over, the journey begins now!

have a purpose to your life: Purpose does not mean having a job... You can have a job and still be unfulfilled.

~maya angelou

six - 24 hours days dedicated to purpose - the 7th day we rest!

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