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Coach Ty

Certified Life Coach and Life Planning Coach

Hi, Y'all!!!


I'm Ty Young! I became a certified life coaching in October 2019 through the leadership and mentorship of 365 Consulting Group, LLC, lead by the phenomenal, Dr. Karen S. Ratliff.


While I gained my professional credentials in 2019, I have been pseudo-life coaching since about 2015 when I started my other businesses as a professional self-publishing consultant and graphic designer.


I live my life in a state of constant reflection and implementation. I analyze every experience in my life and choose to learn from them and glean from the wisdom that these experiences bring. After years of continually implementing this in my life, I realized that when friends, family, and associates would come to me for advice, I found that my own life's wisdom could be applied to their lives as well.


I've always been passionate about relationships and the life enrichment of myself and others. It is my personal goal to help individuals and couples to discover change and unlock the greatness in their lives. When we practice doing this, I find that we tend to lead a life with an abundance of enrichment and accomplish many of the goals we pursue.


The center of my life coaching is faith-based and from the principles of the Holy Scriptures. I believe we all have natural wisdom and knowledge just from living life itself, but I believe ultimate and anointed wisdom, knowledge, and understanding comes from God. I couldn't be the woman that I am today without God's leadership and guidance.


I'm glad you've come on this journey and allowed me to be the advocate for your change.

My calling is set in stone! I know my purpose and it is definitely one of servant ministry to those that want to move forward in life. I like to call myself a Minister of Inspiration and Hope! 

That is actually what you can expect from me when we start the process of discovering change and unlocking greatness. 

Many of times we want more, but we feel like our feet our stuck in cement and we're unable to move. In those times, that's when you need an ADVOCATE! 

I'm your advocate. The wait is over, the journey begins now!

every storm runs out of rain!

~maya angelou

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Over It: A Black Girl's Burn Book - Lessons Learned

Over It: A Black Girl's Burn Book - Lessons Learned


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