Here is a quick guide that will make you an expert on choosing the right Raw Remy in no time!

First of all, regardless of what type of raw/virgin hair that you buy, SIX 24 has taken proper care during the vendor selection process to ensure that our vendor harvests directly from the donor and has an excellent wefting process for the hair. There will be very minimal tangling and/or shedding.

If you are starting out, we highly recommend going with Raw Brazilian because it blends easily with many hair textures, is very durable, straightens easily (if you use a flat iron), and holds curls for a long time.

  1. Raw Brazilian Remy– This is our best selling type of raw hair because not only is it very soft, very durable, it is also ideal for a full look, as the Brazilian hair has a thick hair strand. Raw Brazilian hair is also very easy to blend with for African Americans regardless of their natural hair texture. We highly recommend Raw Brazilian for women who have relaxed hair or are transitioning to their natural hair and need something that looks natural on them. Because of it’s density, Raw Brazilian will hold curls for a long time as well.

  2. Raw Malaysian Remy- It is very light weight and soft. It is our second most popular type of raw remy after the Raw Brazilian Remy. Raw Malaysian is silkier than Brazilian Remy. It blends very well with African American hair and also the hair of people of Asian heritage. It is also very popular with celebrities such as Beyonce.

  3. Raw Peruvian Remy– This is our silkiest raw remy that we offer and it is popular for people that are looking for natural straight or relaxed yaki hair textures.  It is also very light and you can easily wear many bundles without it weighing down your head. It does not swell too much and it straightens very easily when a flat iron is used.

  4. Raw Indian Remy– Raw Indian Remy is hair that is donated to Indian temples and the donors are usually from India. Raw Indian Remy is very versatile and easily blends with African American, Caucasian, and Asian hair textures. It is more course than both Raw Peruvian Remy and Raw Malaysian Remy.